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Disposable Safe Sterile Piercing Unit For Nose Studs Piercing Gun Tool Machine

Code NCSYL-06 Series Nose piercing
Spec nose piercing Material ABS
Color colorful Model 006


*Sterile Technique: Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilization

*Gun Material: ABS

*Stud Material: 316L Surgical steel&Zircon Stone

*Thickness of the pin: 0.8mm/20g

*Gem top size: 2mm

*Gem coloer: Clear,Tanzanite,Rose,Aqua,AB

*Stud Color: Steel,Gold

*Lot Including: 1 Unit

*Packing: 1 piece gun with 1 piece stud in individual sterile packed

*Individually packed and sterilized, avoid inflammation

How to use:

1.-The operator shall wash hands, wear disposable gloves if possible.

2.-Use fingers to rub nose gently for 45seconds, to make the earlobes numb; then use antiseptic cloth to clean the earlobes.

3. -Open the package, put the unit on the earlobe as diagram 3, with thumb on the end of the bolt.

4.-Use thumb to push the bolt gently, to close the U shape gun body, adjust to locate the   pinpoint.

5.-The thumb increases strength on the bolt, until the wings on the bolt broken suddenly and push the stud through the nose suddenly.

6.-Release the thumb to let the U shape gun body open, pull it away from the nose gently, using your fingers to hold the head of the stud may help. The stud will be left on the nose.

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